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Part.2. Cap. 3· IOI by the charms and enchantmei1ts of earthly pleafures. . And ·if at any time, any nnyfe of terrour found in their eares 'from the Lords Trumpettcrs in the Minifkry of the Word; fo that they begin to fiirre, then the Ciivdl begins to .beftirre himfclfe, and. to rocke them fail · .a~ gaii1:t with .his Syren-fongs in the cradle of fecurity. Here ·therefore we-may take notice of a fourefold con... fCience: I. That which is both (c) good and qu.iet; (' ) Tho!e Ch1 illiaos when it bath peace with God,and witll it felfe ; 1b that have this heaven upthe_happy' fou~e rn~y f ~eet~ y fing ~n ifs own bof<;me. ; ~~~~;~~ :nhd~r :~~ 0J· be~ov_ed u mme,..aiad. I ~mku.· ~. That whtclus llorme.tndtempefiof netthar good, nor quut; wlien tt lyes forlorne under tcmptal·ion, and refithe fer1fe of Gods wratl", :and full of horrour in it relfe. ingin thefweet fenfe,, As that of Juda~ · Latomm &c.- 3· . That which is and . fcdmg _ohhe b ' . -:- h ' , h l r d c "G .J mercJesof the1rGod (d.) good, ut not qmet; w en. t . e p ea1e 1ace 01 , o~a in ChrifUclus fealcd : doth iliin~ upon ·it through the:blotid of Cl~rifr ;~ atTd unto them by' the re~ yet .it feeles iJot the comfort of. that bleffed reconcilia~" fiimony of the Spirit tion :· As in n~al1 new Converts; who oeing.truely ~God. Ya~es: . humbled for all {nne, call themfdves upon tbe·Lard,<0 )t 11 -1 11etl~.,b(to·ken1a.ndb • , . • n I Jft I , W liC left-M, and hts fir-e- prami[es, for fpmtuall and eternall. the Lord wifJ never. We; . ·and ytt are -not as yet fenfible pf. any.afft:Jranre. de{flife. A· m:rn may ·1· That which is ljHiet but not goad r when it'iS: as fult hav~ hi~ Conrcie~ce ' of finne as a Toadeofvenome as-HeUof darken,.effe. ~pn~hdygood ~ whtch d 11 h r; • · abl fi ' d _c · '1s p:une;uJlycviii, for v an a . t OJ~ tnnumer e tnnes unrepente · VJ, . un... a good mans· Confci. 1\ pardoned, hke fo many mad Ban-dogges, and fell Ma.. cnce mavbceunquict tHves, though afleep~ f8r the pretent, . will in the evill and tr?ublc:d.Di~e: ~ay, efpecially of fic~neffe, .d~ath~ jud gem.e1it~ G ~) flie () HrtJI(miJdi ~onfc~en:· m the face of the proudell N.zmrod ready. to. plucke out ~~a eft mftarfer£_ alttll . · ' . · • 11M, qrt:e quamdmd;Jr- · hts very throat and heart, and to .to;n;~nt With un.. mit, vitletur effici&ur, . (peakable horrour ;and yet for all thts,tt ts untro\)bled, &nemiDrm .'.edit: ·red! {enfeldfe, and fecure.'. This kiiide of·Confdence, is to .~xcitata , in homin~m : bee· found . I . rea re me in themoft that h~a:re me: tHis IHVO!at, & di(~&erare. J • · d r.' 1· · ' · 'h k· .J • 1. 'COilatrtr. 'Dt!tgcnter ~·a}',-an 10 ge~era ly over.t e tng.~aome. , ltdotl notita~ cavenda eft talisln the meane tune, .t~ouble:and ternfie~ , confotcntia: quippe • . . • .. , ... · .•, . . .. , nonnunq11am per totu · w.e t~iTWtlum..tJ.M.(ta_ manet~ ~- alto lcthar~o op;rtj[a J_atet: frd. .egriJudiNe atiqua graviore, , 1Je/ ct!am· mqrte a.forto~i&q,~ante tX;tit~tur . a PC_o, & t?:uculcnt'a. {tea immanitate hominem ' term. A-l!l;'fhcol;Ca!Uum.Gap,S •. ·• ·· • ,, · ' · ·· ' ' ' n A\