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..,. :no Jnflrutlilns for aright ~omforting Sect. l• · . c H A p. IIII. . ., •. ._ The foct~lld Vfe of the former doflrine for the cotrVer:.. ,._• ted· that -they .ne 1}0 more, and to k!epe them from fiwne · ., [even confideratifi are given them. · ?J1!~~3N a fecond place, the Point may fer~e P(c -t. Sin no morr, · for warning to thofe, who are alreaand to that cn¥on- lh fi h !idmhattinncis die wa ed rom t &finnes; that they defile their Soules~ more: wh<> having beene cured, by ca!Hng their · eyes upon the !lr~t~n Serpfflt, from thofe many fiery G:ing~; that they rebell no·more ::who· w._ounded formerly at fhe --hear~-root with grievous: horrour, and now healed with the bloud of Chrij/; that iit the name of Chriff, they turne not againe tfJ Jelly. tet them call to minde, and lay to-heart the en:... fuing confiderations , when they are fir£l: tamper•d . with, and tempteg againe to any finne : wbi€h, . mec: thinkes, lhould beof power, notonly-tok:epeGods ble[Jed Ones from putting the~r-hand·s to iniquity ; ~ut. alfo to reH:raine-, or at le<llb to cdole·rhe courage-even of the Devi!J Jl~tves, in the .very heat of the-moft furious entifement to their·be£\:-beloved Gnno. , , · 1 • Mc!llmc(uJT. - 1: Sinpe i~· mofr . hatef~ll. ' It is.theMll'Y. 0bj~~ of (h) Primum enimdivi- all C1ods mfimte hatrerl~ His Love·:ts:~ut. as l·t: were,tna ni amor_iso.bjeBum: ~fi to diverfe _itrean~es ,and carried u.pon -~atlioty of (h) ob- ~p(a D~1t.u, 11 • Fzl&~ jech. He1oves 111 d1efir~ plac~,I-nfimtely,ad ....a;quately ~~:at~~~~:~ri';.~r.~ H~ ~wnc 6/e.ffed ~elfo, His ~wne Sonne, !Nho.ts.calle.d geli.. 4 • Ge»rM_ humtt· the . So!1ne of Hu_ Love, HIS An15els, H~'S Sa~nts, H1s m~m-1(. EteCl&. nl.p. Servants, H~s: Creatures, All. thtngs He made : . Thol# 1. Symag. The 40·/,ovdf all things. that are, and- ahhorreft r;othing' whi'h tag~~~~-' t7. , , Thou haft made. Fur never wof#!deft Thou have mitde ~tn} El'~-w.u ~rL!f. ,-,.f!t~.ll h' ::? h. ,__ J,fi:Lh d ' B H l t") .,'1,~ii,f ,;,-)d7111~ ·~ t mg.~ '.J· t ou: TJau " ate tt. ut eo- ;1ates. ~~ no· Colofl: l.lj. , , ' . . · . • .· ~ :. . , . ( i ) lko ~t~ihil efl in od'11, ni[i ma!um,hoc e[l',nihilcfl ei i11vi{um ,9dio(um,execrabile,'1ifimalum. efl pe:crm.Jm;ipfll,m,.&-pt.ttct'e.i 11ihil. Zlrulch. De natura Dei Libo4.• Cap•7&bing