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Ajflilied CoHfcienc!l. Ill thing at all, prop~rly and · formal~y,but fin. The whole infinitendle of all Hts hatred, 1s fpent wholly upon fin~ alone~ which makes it infinitely and extremef.1 .hatefull. Ne-w what a thing is this, that~ infinite divine hatred, like a mighty undi:vide.onent fi-lOuld with all it's united forces, and detefl:ations run headlong, and reil upon every finne; :bee it but an officious lye,.* fooHjh talking! jefting, revelling, a.wan!o" tfance, ·,. Ephef.r•._. a va.methoughlan 1dle word,and fuchhke hghtet fins .... in the worldntcount; which to reprove in fome Mattb. r.z.a;. companies, nay almofi: every where, would be holden to be a fowre and unfutf.:rable precifenefJC : So def,FXl: rarely impudent are the times, both in difgracin~o{i fincerity, and dawbing'Of finne 1 And what a wOfull. wretth is every impenitent Sinner, who hath fucb a ·world of unpardoned finnes lying ~pen His Soule,and. fuch an immeafurable weight of hatred lying upon every feverall finne ! And what aprodigious Bedlam is Hee, who will wittingly, and willingly put His hand to any finne; which once committ~is infepara.. bly~a:nd individually attended with the infinite hatred of fo great a God : For which the paines ofHell m~ , upbn neeeffitie befutf~red; either by the Partie Him-~ felfe, or his Surety : ·Either it mull bee taken olf by the bloud of /eftM Chrijl; or el1C the Delinquent, muft burne in Hell for ever I .. • 2 •• It is moO: foule. · Ev.c:n foaler th~n the rouleft ~. l,foilf~le.1 ' J:1end m Hell; than the De\•111 htmtelfe. And let none·_ . · Rumble at this truth : it appearcs unanfwerably thus : Sinne made him a Devill and funkc him into Hell ; and therefore finne is more rancke J;>evill, and horrible Hell .it lelfc. For it is a Principle in Pbilo[oph:J of unqne!bonablc truth; (k) Wh~ttfoever m~th fuch, is it ( 1t) hi~~" • • ftlft lllllfh f!'Or' {t~eh. Th7 Sunne that ligh!ens all o- i"GtSTJr) .:,~':;!,.~ thcr bodtes,ts mUQb more hght; The ~re whxch hearts Aor Wirip~. ArHt. all other things, is much more hot: So that whichde- Pofierio. Anal. I.ili.r. lib another thing, is much more fulfome: Sin alQnercxc 1f · · · H ~ breught •