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-~4----~----~----~----------------~~ ' DE D f CAT 0 R l E. ~ennining of 'th,e Kingdome of ChriJl ; . and _,~~~~---­ their own~ more defpera~e rilin~, and greater damnation. ·z. Secondly, Great men are (ubje?t t9. great Tetnptations ·, AQd therefore; it is the h:u·der Tas~e, a'nd mor~ ]:fopourable Triumph to turne therri o~ 'Gods fide. ; Had not an All-mightie hand m:ifiered the temptation, fieded his Faith ; and reprefented ·t-o his eye , the .matchldfe gl01y of an immortall ~rowne ; . Mofes · had never beene ahle to have _part~d with . the magnificent fiate, and pompe of J?.htt;raohs Court: .wh~re Hee might ·have wallowed in .varietie of all worldly delights; .and to part, with His affiiCl:ed Brethren, of a World of ll}iferies, in a vafi and roaring Wildernej{e. There \Vas never carnall man fince the Creation, but in Juch a Cafe \vould'have followed the Court, • and forfaken Gods .people. Heffer, a weake 'yY oman , could never poffibl-y have holden out, againfi the fury of fo mighty a Favourite, the hazarding of Her high place, · the favour of fo great a King, atid even life it felfe ; had Shee nor beene upholden by_an extraordinary firength from Heaven. No great Woman~n the World, vianting Grace, would ever have runne fuch a hazard: but have {hffered the fervants of God to finke, or fwimme ; ~that Shee might fwimme downe the Current of the ~imes without ,Croffing, .and enjoy l he t:ref~t without perill. It was afore'temptatlon to Ionathan, and a very cutting Dilemma : Either) ' ·-·""';: