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Inftrudions for a r.ight comforting - Sect ,.. (n) Cadt ill his luftiHc. ( u) Wee tea.,ch that in true com;erjion a mt~.n muft ba; o:. theC'hu.rc;h 12fEng. Wounded in hu conflicnce 6y the fonJe of /eh jinnes; Hit L1b. 1· Cap.s ·Sett. 1. · · . .a l . d h 1 iji t:ontrttton ?nll.J• C?ee Cof!1pungent, ap "ve .emertt, tJ,Yu.t mg,, renting the heart, and feeling the throwe.s (M a Woman la6ouring of child) 6efore thr; new;.creature bee .br,ought forth,or Chri.ft truly formed in Him. ft.u not don~ · 'Wit bout. 6itterneffe of the Scule; without care, tndignation, 1·evengc,2 Cor7.U. But M [ome Infants, are b~rne ll1ith lejfc pain_e to thr mother, and fome \Vith more : fo ma_x the 6e ,.egenerated, in fome with more, in fom; rvith le(Je anxiety of travel/. But fure'J grace u not infu,. ftd i~to th~ hettrt of any }inner, except there 6~e at leaft fo ,~reat ajfiitlion of Spirit for firme foregoing ~hat He.t:an.- not 6ut fcele it, &c. (~) v.s. In his Bruifed (x) T~~ 6ruifing u requiredhefore con.ver.f.on. i. That. Recdc.pag.t3·14,11,fo the.Spmt may ma.kE Wa.r fontfl/fcmtothcheartll]· levelling all proud htgh thoughts, &c. 2~ To m~tf<t m Jet an high price upon (hrifts de~Zth------Thu u thecaufo. · of relapfes, and Apofta/in, Gecaufomen never fmarted for, . finne at the firft : They ~ere not long enfJftg,h under the.lafo of the L~tw. Hence this inferiour 'Worf?:t .. of theSpiritiH.· bringing doWnC high thoughts, u,necefJm:J -before CO~ ver{ion. · ' . ·c H A. P-\. IL _ »,;ert.:reprehended. Faithfulp~Jfe in,.pr-ea;hin.{._and . daw6ing compared, ~ ~y this. time it cloth mo~ cl.earely, andr plentifully appeare ; what a foul.e, anti~ , fearefuU fault it is; for men, either in . ·the. managing_ of their Publi~e Mini.. . ~'::lia~'\ fiery; or .pr~vate .paifages,o( c~>n-· . , .{erence, vi!i.tiltip).;lS·C?f th~ !icke, con- , ftlltations about a good ef~ate to Godward, and other· occa!ions