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_____ ,.~~- ~~:-:-:-:::-:-:::-----:-:-----:-----__..:..._ Part. I. Cap. 2, .1/ffiiaed (onfciettcn. occa!ions of like r1atut~; to ar.ply le[~« Chrijf'and the Dawbers defcdbed..· promifes, to promil.e life a~d_fafety in the ev~ll Day,_-tc> · Soules as yet not ~)UJJdly tlhghtned and affltCled wtth · fight of On, and fenfe of Gods wrath ; to confciences . never truly wounded and awakened. I infified the longer upon ~his Point, becaui~ I. know ~t full well, t? _bee a mofr unlverfall, and p.revathng Pohcy of the Dtvell, · whereby .hee l<eepes many thoufand~ in His curfed Oavery, and from falvation: To conhrme as many,Pafronrs as he can poffibly, willit'lg enough to drive their fiockes befcire · themto<iamnat!on, in ail igmn:ant, or. affid-ed prejudice, and forbearance, 0f that faving mee - thoJ ofbringing Solrles out ofHell,mentioned before; and made good with much variety of evidepce: And · to nourilh alfo in the·hearts of naturall men, a frrong . and fiurdy difConceit, oppofition and ragi:ng, ~gain£1: downe-rigbt dealing, and thofe men of God (able as they fay, but falfely . and furioufly againil their ow1~ ' Soules; by their terrible teaching to drive their hearers · to difl:raCl:ion, felfe-ddhuCl:ion, or defpaire) who fak~ the onely right · courfe ro conver~ · them and to bring .them to lefus Hee Himfelfe invites them, to · wit , . lahourift.r. . and hea>vie laden-With their ftnnes , . Matth. II, 28• . 7>awber·s then, who ferve Satans craft in this kinde~ . and all thofe who difpenfe their rninifiery wirhout all fi~irituall dikretion .and good Confcience, . 0f ·whom . there are .too many).as great fir angers to the right way · of workmg g.race m others, .as to the worke of grace · in themfelves; I fay,tbey are a generation ofdangerous men : Old excellent as they fay in an accurfed Art of conducting poore blinded Souks; merrily, towards ev.erlafHng rnifery,and fetting them downe in the very mtd~ of Hell, before they be ienfible of any danger, or dtfcovery of their damnable fiate. Great rnen·they are with the men of-thisWorld, with all thofe wife fooles and !enfuallg~eat ones, .who:are not willing to · be