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· InflruClionJ' for a r~~ht comfortin.f{ Sett. z. ------~--------------------------------~--------------- bee tormented before their time, or rather who defire impoffibly to live the life of pleafures in the meane time, and yet at laft to dye the death of th·c rlghteom, · . , They have ftill ready at hand, hand over head, mercy, ~1~~::~~g;t[~~~i~ and pardon, Heaven an~ falvaticn for all commers,and uJ quu(catttr~ !2!Jif all tha.t ~ome neete, w_rt~out fo muc~ as a defire to ~ut qui& ergo 1{14/e (Jgcnt :a any dtfkrence, or dtVlde the preteous from the v1le.. ,b t~-S adulatu:, p11lvit- Which is a pro.digioufly-:-arrogandqlly, pernicious 111 l~m ftbca~tte;~elcu- thehigbeftdegree bothtotheirownfoules and thofe· b1to Jacentu pomt. Vt h d ·1 d H ' h h b d d · ' h k qui wripiex culpa de- t ey, t: u e•. eare ow t ~y are ran e m t c Boo buerat i~t eafultUJ!au- of God ; callmg .them, Pt!low-fowr:rJ· under mens el1/ibt~-S mQ!iiterquic{ot boes; Euk.:_t j.t8. That being laid {-!) foft,and lGckt G reg. in cap. x 1· l<lb fafl: in the Cradle of fecurity, they may !inke<fuddenly cap. 4· . • ~·- .. into the Pit of deftruetion, before they be aware: Cri· Con·cpttom.!, ctitrZt!tl . • pmanti [ub_trJhitur? ers of pe~ce,pea~e; when _no peace lS to~ards, ler.6. 14. eique mollmcs favorl& but homble fttrs, tumblmg of garments tn bloud; burnadhibctu~,utin erroie ing anddevouring of fire: .{'kfen-pleafers, gat. I.:I o. who molliter Ja:eat, quem chufe rather to tickle the itching eares of their carnall ' :;:gfo;i~;:~;~~~~':;. hearers .-~vith -fot;le frothie, Frier-like conceit~ out ~f ,P,aflor.cur.e.p.~-c~tp.s.:Dung.;hlll Pofl:nlb;And fo fmoot? Great ~nes 1~ thetr f¥-)fl'os (cilicet epu b,oni humors,by their cowardly flattenes, efpec1ally; tf they · medici '· quia v~ftru any wayes depend upon them for maintenance, rifing, btandztqs mulcem po- and preferment· rather than.confcionably to difcharge pt~lum meum : Etat h n_ l 'd • 1 b t.• • L d dM utentittn non tant~m t at .tru1L a1 upon t 1em y tue1r great or · an a· . acribt~ medicament is, frer tn 'Heaven, upon anfwerableneffe for the bloud of & qre.e pungerent, at~ thofe foules, which f1.1all perilh by their temporizing adferrc~tdol~rcm_ :[ed filence, and flattering unfaithfillneffe: Healer;- of the et~a": caltterqr, & ft· hurt · of their Hear,rs with ( z) .fweet words, !er. 6. I 4. tlton~bUl : ~·os a/Item r .1 h . r. 1 bl d' b h d f . tantt'lm aflh 1bctu teni- w 11 ·::. t e1r 10U es are ee 1ng y t ewoun so {mne menta: Hlfc eft ve~ra unto eternall death ; Preachers of (a) fmooth thingh ratio medendi Ca!v. (•) Thefe_ fe!lowes woulJ have th.efe f~cure, and fenfuall times, wherein !o many fouk Fiends of crimfon a•Hl cryingfinnesare b oke loo!e with rhe raines upon their neckc:s, re beare of no· hingbut plcafurcs, pe~ce, and pror~eriry to rhe worlds enid: te1!in~ them'!Hil our cf the flmcring vilions of their owne unfanttified braines, of alilken.Gqfpdl, a of Velvet, of ft~ding upon Mancher and M:mru,rreading upon Vio~ets and Ro· fes, and ofbeing carried to Htaven in a Bed of Downe, wh~ , ea~ God knowc:s, if they had their due ~nd dele: re, the fie'ty raine, which confumc:d Sodom: into cinJe, s, :mdthe ~~ta~ hai!eftones in Gcd~ gread1 rirry might rather moft jufily drop upon the Heads bod1 et the D:zwbm, ani! the D.;wbed. SeeE\_e~. 13-IJ,I5· ler.14 I5,t6'. Ifa.3o.IJ, r4. I fa.