Bolton - HP BJ1278 .C66 B6 1640

THE E PISTL. E ==-~·----~---~----------------------------------- after humane greames,to digdl:,and drive away the after-ftings of bribery, bafenes,if n9t clofe bloudihed (their ordinary means ofmoun:ing) with their delight in domineering, and being adored <\hove others. It is a fit p:tffage therefore in our Common Prayer-Booke: That it may plea~ Thee to end;te the Lords of the Councell, and all the NobilitJ'' tvith grace, tv.-(dome, andund;rffanding. Grace is fitly put in the firfl: place: For,un· · derfi:anding and wifdom,without this heavenly jewell, do but prepare their Owners, to doe the greater mifchiefe?To oppreffe innocencie with finer tricks, and more unobfervedly; to plague Oppofites more plaufibly ; to complfle their own ends more exactly ; and at lafi:, for the a.. bufe,& mif-imploymenr oftheir great Parts and Places, in ferving tbemfelves, and not feeking Gods glory,to be damn'd more horribly. With- ·out fanetification by fpeciall grace; the rareft endowments ( 1 ) degenerate : Wifedome into (1 )All vermes wrne craft; (m) Potyer into private revenge·. Valour to vices. when they into_ violence. Prudence into plotting their become the rer·vants ' ' , . r: . of impictie. 1\.· ]&mes owneead:s; Courage mto 10ole-hardmeife, to ~mQ~•fl · par,. ~49: . uphold a Etction; Policie, into plafl:erina over. ( m ) 0 the vamtie £ 1 b r. -11~ • h f . 1 All f~ h of great men , who IOU -e- U11ficues Wlt ~Ire eo OU!S: .o t em th~nke it ~o bee th.e are bafely, & unworthily made fubordmat,and ch,efe frutt of thm ferviceable only to the fetting forward & fafegreatneffe , to abufc ' ' _ their power inrolcntly ,to the ruine ot thrir inferiours .1 Not rcmtmbring (bein~ blinded by their paflion) that they have a S11perror over ·them, to make them ,·celd an acconnt of their un- ]ufl proceedings, forcing tomll\C re!htuti~n with irm:reft! Hi~or, off; a,ue, i1z Lewi& tht tentl1. . . . . garding