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THE EPISTLE ___.;:..________oc__,-==----,--,- -------- Hcd. 12. ~· and . allow:u~ce of my Iafi: ~oqk:;_, Aqd theref(?re (o)'Tiaretc iis,qr4i pr~- Sir ,I befeech you, out of.tpe gert€ro~Ifnes 0fyour funt vob~ ~ ~~>zmitte nobkdlfp.ofition, to do me thatfwor; nay, thlt Nam zll; v•g,lant p,o- .. h·· -· N h h' c I' I f1 . 1-l' .. animuvcftru;tametft ng t; ay,t at onour~ror10 u1a1 accountlt: prilt6 jam r1 me dinit 1TJ .Ac; not to con<:eive the leaft thouaht, that here'.;y ff/, ne ;wnc qtst· 1· b r;_ ~ · h · 0 r;_ !£ · dem rcttcebs. f-l "iu.J ·go a 011~ ~o Jee~ great t mgs to my J e. .l e; -~ e~im ' ro;~min ;lioniJ_ to ntert:rthe C~urt; than b¥~C0'1tin~ Id tOJ • amMu;ll_ I m!!:_l <Jnce of-my daily hea~dt prayers for the falvatlC911C!Jllt, 0 :ji; .!p.?!l;"" · d 1. c· f l(-. -~- T . d ./d _ d ll. . ~111~ ~ -t cbrf-11 r, on an ne o x ~ Cnar-~, . ~rnY rc;a & ~:tyen S(JClW,~/f~ ~,Y&-7tl.rrni p.:; rz,Jeraigne. I am drawing ap1:ce towards my long T WJ')r/W , . . a · 00 fl.· fl · 1 . b C: , h h. h D-~ ia;erdor.lib. 6 • il~ .t'J.Ome, a · m Ha 1110rt y a.ppeare e1ore t at 1g · r~inc, and Iudge ~. and therefore I cfG"!ire to ~am _,a; vigila1Jt ~r~. tofe no time; butto ply ,all I C~1,-the bufines God lllllf!tt-5 vejl!M, zanqda.b .1 I' b r ·· 1· · r:t:., . · ' d . f h ,r;· raJitMe reddituri Hie - .at 11et m~a · Out,rOff¥1e·H-10ttret~1all;J et.O t e): 'ine exiv_,,ttJ t!bi vi6lc- _fin:~ - and evilld.--tyes ; "that by the mercies of God, I tur c~mmmattanu ter--. - fj· · 11 ..I' · J • d · h ror? equ·ae i !lu, qui'i- may ~~1n1my coune Wl_U JOY; an giVe ~1p t ~t tr!!J fit, vcrbu exprime lafi,and great account, Wlth twor.an4 comfor.t,m ~enonpof-llm.Ib.l.pd the name of Iefus Chriff. Me thinks. befiJd ma;.. - (;·) rr~7T,·f-J~mi:·= ny -other, and mighty Divine .Moi:i~<:'s; th~ttone- · wJ.rn,.:- d.nn',ri .r ;;~!;{.(p~ ( 0 ') -fpeech of chry[offome, who himfdfe many :P~~.»;17:Jf.fl7'-'; ·r ~times· · p11ead~~d ( P) every -Day, and gave a. 'TiJ ,-"~"770V ?rni ~ <:!ZtcRU . - . • ..., • f-1/iTtl.(?~ ft_h. Ei y'-3 >(/ '. , . , , . XJ~>,i.0 <?iJfO bui v•J> :,ieJ nJ,m~ ~p.'iv ..f)s:>..~/blm .f -&iJ'o'J{a'~lf!;, ·~· ~,N C;l~f1V "~:~ · J1'4.1, ~Nr-:f bm~mv _ ~.}\ f ,un:' ~~..t-ivwrnt.i:77l. !!Up.{3~A..J.uo~v. Primam igithY per-juJde;.m~-. IH juramc<lt-9rumfugain meliUJ mmationem (aciat: etfi tmm heri,& nudiufie;-tjzu de hac VD• ' bi.J.JoC/Itr~ [mn materia, nuiJtamenhodie dc{llliZm, neifimu, neti perinde eadem perfrwitre. · Chr. Ad pop.ltnrio'h · ..1\boutrhe begtnnin~ ofbis Homtlic~ upon Gen. Hec teh them 33 times,_atthc: ~afi>tbat .Bui~ Yefterday .l bandltd thi5 /}Y.that, or to 1he like fcn'e-; . :md the !ame Cbryf.preached in the Afcernoone;as ap?Car<!s by thefe words Hop'l.fl .in r•.. a4;,[heff .IJ<!.uma.dmodum fi·qttil t;uu f:ycbntto aq11am a~ugeret.-aut ole!fm d11nta~at exi- · me~ ct,{ucew. i.tingu ~ret~ta habet & aon"mfPiritPA. He q~ok a. refemblanccf:i-or~rtbe L~mp that burnt . by hi111 ,wbw he was prcachmg; and fayc:s, Ys.u may quench thu Lamp b_y_putttng in water and y,~u mr.yquencb it by takmg out the oyle,&c. Aod fO did grear Ba(il a\fo asap· pe:ms by qhc!c wo r{]&. He.zam. Ht)!n.:.. dd fi1t. FatltZ:efi igitur VefPe-ra,&,{atlum efl ·ma~~ ll:e$ ~m!!J.Sed hi nofh·i d~ illa Vafjer~tfer.m.ones?e.b hacve[per~_jam occup_a_ti :hie o;-atzoni no/{.r~ fi,{e iltlpiJiUtnt. And fodtd Auft. dm m1ghry ctJf;Juter;asappe.tres by rhe}u word~ :in Pfa-.-s•. (a.~ Ht. counts) Con.a.. 2,,Jrdreliqu.1 Tfalmi~de CJ:.!IO ITJ-·ltJiltutiRO lo&U!J {U1fll{!5, ani mu i'lttendiit. ( q.) precept;·'