Bolton - HP BJ1278 .C66 B6 1640

( .Part. t . Cap. 2. 'eAffii8td {Mftiencel. 9 hungrie 'Lions ; ( Y) o':er the v~riely a~d e'x!femity (r) Hcb.r to 170 of exquifit~l.t t~rtures,oftemptattons-,pe~cu~lOns,all · ~ outward mtfenes ; even (z) over cruell mockmgs. It (~z) Heb. rr.36'. 11t unrefillably beates d~wne_, or blowes up the O:r~ng- .. Heb._ u. JO· dl: Bulwarkes, and thtckefl: walls ; (3 ) puts toJltght (a) Heb. I r. J 4• the mightiefi A-rmies, and (b) conquers themoll in- ~;~~~·Ir·JJ• · ·vincible Kingdomes. And when all ~s (i~ne, Oh blef- Da mihi ~;~~;,;~ jtlj1i~ fed Faith 1 at the very lafl, and deadhdl: ltft, (c) fhee tiam,tl,unibiFidei prdtriumphantly fets her foot upon the neck of the Prince ~htitu~inem. 'Procetut qfterrorr, I lilleane death, the la£1: and woril:; the end mme_dzum~ oflc~at fi d { f 11 c. . d , .1 • A d ., · -h ·dd 11 ocrt/16 egrdu,mfpwetfc'l' an umme ~ ~ 1e~re ~VI s • n ,even ,If} t e ~1 •. eu voremamateribm fuu : of thofe dytng anel dreadfullpangs, beares a glonous Jam tibidJCitur, Prt~i. part with le[m Chrift the Conquerour in that fweetefi: me. vu?Co1!temnt quiC· Song ofviCtory' 0 death,where i-{ th) fting ?. In aword, 'JUid te 6/sudJelttlat, it can doe all thinP.c:. (d)~~~ thina-s Arepoj]i61e to him conttml1c P~0 "' '· Ieee . _ · tr'. · • . .6 . covtempfijls,-Parum eft t-hat. heleevah. · . i!Ji--Pal'um eft 11t · *' Fifthly, and lafl:ly; and in ·a wprd Grace in its cgntfmntU quicquid te • cwne nature, being the mofl: glorious Creature of the de~ella_bat, contemne (d) F4ther of lights, and flowincr as it were more im- qr~lcqrttd te tcrrtbllt, d . 1· d r.. 1 "- h. bt~l ll",d fa · fr. h contemntcarccres,coN- me late y an xweet y 1rom ts em. ce, lS o ;uc temnfvinmla contcm. a divine, invincible, and lightfome temper, and bath 11eequule11 m, :onwnne fuch an antipathetical! vigour and ability, againfl: all tor~enta. co•telnne fpirituall darkneffe anq dampes ; whether ofaffliCtion, ~orte_m:H~c viciffi,me temptation, troublefOme confufions of the times, the 1 .A.nvenifi1 ·--;- 1'. • 11 ,+ h fo do ,+de h 1 G · ll' £lr. mat, aruct, 1ervet, """"e:!. oJ t e a ~ oJ at ~ tle. rave, _He lt_Iere; ea/cat omnia qute delethat IS e":'er able, etther .to dtfP.ellit?. or dtffolve ~t, or lfant,&tranjit :venit fupport tt felfe flrongly ,and tnumphantly.even m the ad.,r~.ft,era,h~rredtJ,trumiddeft of it. Suppofe a fo~e beautified with Grace, trt!cnta;, n:macta, eat- _ to be reated, if it. were poffible, in the very cent\.'; 'u fcat,fr:mg.t & tranfit . h h 11 . h k' d l.J · · b · . Aug. De verb Apofi. t at e 11 lll~ nme,, yet ~ou H tt,. y tts Heavelliy rer:17 • .. · . ftrength, and glo'ry, tn defptte of alltnfernall powers "Reaf.r. Tt h:nh.a feekeepe off a~- fome dill:ance all the darkndfe, torments ling of Gods gr~ce & and horror bf that damned place. Whence it is, that ~v~ur., ... , , . it .is foofrenintheholyScripturescomnaredtolig·ht. <) 1.m~~~t:t~~.JV N ' h ' . " . ~Ctiml )I u~mmrm, noli ow ~ at power and. pr~val~nt an.upathy oar ord~t- ~cn·d~ tNminm Q d. nary ltght · doth exer.c1fe agatnfr h1s mo{tabh19pred OmniJ/umi'tl/4, tlemm· Oppofite,da -k!neffe,you well know ,and.ifis ~lcgantly taris,.ethe_rgi,(pirit;,aJn and & c~lejJu, Par.~ ·. ..1.1 . ., ~~ .. . ~··•. '