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/ InflruE#ons for aright comforting · ·Sett. x. ~ -~-..::::__..;..._..,.:.._...'----~ c: - ... . -· --" ~~.~--- perjef£' h,~lfk"t, ~'Y'l~~d _He·h~rd the ncwes of death from ,tlqe·1rim:tth uf· the '[Proph~t; ·and the heart of Be/foa~­ ~r, wlieri hee;ffi:w .,the: l:iand:.Writing)_upon the·Wall •. Give me~ a· great man, . who carries. away,. · and curr~t'lt oft:he tilrtes;with:al brav:ery,and triumph, wi1U6w$i afid nmibles.himlhlfe itTthe g-lory and pleafures 0~ tiile· prefe,t'i~ : ihrow Him from tbetranfi~ory . tdp of'Bis heave11 npm'l ea11th, u~on His lnfl: bed :·prc- · fen_t unto~His eye :tt on~efh~· ternble pangs.ofapproachm'g d'eath;theragefhll malice ofthe powers~ofHell ;. the"crying ·w{?qnds of HIS coqfcience ;·: the griefely formes' of His it'l'numerabldinnes ;.His finaW farewell with alt~wo~ldly ~:~elights; the· pit of fire and tirlrnfrone~ into which H~ is Nady to.f<ill· :. And I telL you true,I woill:dndt endur~an ht>ures11orr:ou.rr<f>fHis . wofulLhc;~:rt, ft>r His pr<tfent P.ara:dif<i: tothe..worlds· erl'd. 'B~1t! onthe athet< fitte;-let me be·the matll) .w hom•: the c;ortutititips·of the·time confin~ tG obfi:urity, who mcmtnes in·recret fqr t~e,hortible abhominations,and c~yh1[ fi~~1e~, that raigne· ~tnorig!l: us~ whothinkes, that Gtl~ oeft fpenfl, , Whi::retn I J?'<Ze·f.ratth gathered mofi: ffritU:t1Ml • iW~ngtn;~ ·again!l: · ~:hat t<rlt,, . arid fore!l: .corn-- . b~i:e; ;' .and' by <th~ merci'Cs ofG0'd,~ at-id humble depen-· ' ~I . dance UROl'l' I-lis~ ol'lmipotent arn':!e,' l 'Will rooke in th~ ' .face; . the' crudleft concmrret1ce oFaLl thof<: former ter- .· · rprS, with co11ijefen~e -and peac:e•. , . Take2w2y all paffi· " .z:· Secorrdiy,.. By . thi~ fpirituaU h<1arding ofcomfor-- ona•e diftcmpas. . rable' pr.oHfion againfi: ~he · E7Jii,ltddy; we may prev~nt · · i §(~at dea!e of impatiet1ey; ; d.e:pendn1Ce upon the· A~je-?fflefh, b~f~ feares, fii1kiit1gs-of ~e~rt.; unmanly · cfeJechons of fptnt, deTerate refo~u~tons, a~d many . paffionate' d1frempers o fuch raging and ddl:raCl:ed nature,. which ar~ wont to ··feizeupon, and furprife,.. ~Hl\oly. and 'ut'! prepared hearts., \vlien the haBd"of God; is heavieupon them. · How: bravely and Heroically did' patient Job beare and liJre'al<e thorow, amatchleffe · rhdetie. and. extrctuitie of calamities,and cunflicrs ?' The.: