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1'art.t-. Cap.4. _ ~jfiiiled Confciences• . The foftefl: of wh~fe fld~rings would have·firucke full-cold to the ·heart of many a Carnalifl:, and made it to ·dye within Him like a fione as N abals did . One of the leafl:, the 1ofle of His gpods, f am-perfwaded_, :would ~ave caufed many covetous worldli:ngs to have layed violent and bloudy_hands upon themfelve9. Fo~ infiance : f!Ahitopbel, onely be.caufe the ~glory of his_ fl:ate-wifedome was obfcur"d , . and overtopt at the Councell-board, fod/edHu ~j[e,gate Him Home, put His houjbold in order, an,d hanged Himfelfo~ The onely c"ufe of His _faintiFlg in the Clay o,f d·ifgliace,and difacceptfltion was His falfe, and.rotten heart-in-matters of R~ligion. WhiJe th.e Crowne fate with fecuritie, and fa~ty ~pon D avldf' head ; He w~lk~d with Him ~s · ~ · companion unto_the' Houfe of God .~ ;But when the wipHe begun to -blow a ljule apor:herr ways- and. up()Jr Abfolons . fide, like ·a ·true Tempori-zer~- :&Ie:followes ~he blafl:, and ht.rnes his fayles according to the :weather. And therefore his hollow ·heart~ having made th~ .AJIJle of flefh his Anchor, and a-vanifhing .Blare '.of hotwur ,His ·chiefefl: · bleffedn~ffe, • t'Hrinkes at the very firll !,\ght ~ and ·fl1tpiti<>n of a tempcll:, and finkes. this miferable Man into a sea of horrour. 'But now on the contrary : what was·the caufe, that-Id~; heart was not crufht intO' pieccrs~ . under.the bitter cpncpn;ence pf fuch aworld.of ct~tfe_s, -of, which any ope feveral,ly was:fufficient to ·have mad~ a Man ex~ -treamdy miferablO The true· r~afoh of;His-;patient .refolution~ amid fo many preffures~ was the fpirituall J;i~b~s,. He. l1a,d hoarded up in the time of His bap pi... · .nefre~ · ·Aij-i9ngfl: wliich the divincll:, and deareft .jew.. ell lay ~1eareil: .unto His heart, as· acol.interpoyfon f . .to. tbe venome and fl:ing of the'Devils deadliefi tnal~e •. I meane a found and firong faith in Iefus Chrifr, . th-~ Lambe. flaine from the heginnirtg_ of the world: whiCh X,?,W pegan':le f<_> ~ine the faireff In:·tl'le' d~l'~efl: Mid... . ll}ght of HlS muenes; ~ndfweetly todar't-otlt•maey ~ 4 ~eay~niy,