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Part. I . Cap. 8. eAffiitled C onftiencer. · them, and reprefents to the life.· Let us produce two merr, faith Iiee, the one drown'd in carnallloofenefk, fenfualities, and riotous exceffe : tne other crucified and fl:arke dead to filch finfull couries and worldly delights : Let us goe to their houfCs and' behold their be- ~ haviour. '. Wee Jball findethe·one, reading Scriptures, and o- "'t ther good Books, taking times for holy duties and the· fervice ofGqd: fober ,:temperate,abfl:emious : tiiligent alfo in the neceffary duties ofHis Calling,.having holy conference with ·Go D , dikouriing of heavenly things, bearrng him(elfe liker an Ap-gell, than a Man:: The other,joviall, a valfall ofluxury ~nd eafe,fwaggcr.- .ing up and downe Ale'-heufes, Taverns, or other fLtch f ; conventicles of good-fellowlliip, hunting afrer;all the wayes, rtltanes arid me:O to . pa!fe 'the' time ·m.err11y, ·plying hispleafures-Y,.ith what variety he can·pofiibly all the day long., ray ling and roaring as tJ'lo_ughhee were enraged With a Devill, thtmgh he~ heftark§ dead~ ­ while He Pi ab've, &c. Wh~ch is accot:,n13anied, with murt11uring_ of the family, difcontent of the Wife; chi- . ding of friends, laughing to fcorne, of enemie~~ &c• ..Whether of thefe courfts now p~e>you thi):lk we!e the· ·more comfortable ?· I -know full well the former would be cried.downe by the greatc;it part)'a's too precife ~ and the latter wo1;1ld carry it, by a· world ef men : but heare the Puritan Fathers impartiall' holy cenfure, quite croife to the common conceit, and hu- ~our of fle{h and bloud. It is excellent and empha-· ttcall, arguing His refolute abomination of thewa~s · .ofgood-fellowlliip :: and infinite love and admiration; o~ theholj Path. Having given to the·Good-fellow Hts aearts defir,e alJ the day long in an kindC:s of VO-:-· lu.ptuouli1eife, a~~ del_ig~t: y~ fqr all this,_* W:h~ · i:r-:he; . •,§Jgu igitur,qui-men• ~1th .He,. that u m hu nght mtnde, and-hath Hu brames tujitcompo1 , non pot£:. rn Hu head, that would not chu[e rather ~q dje a thou- usoptetmiU~obiremor [and deAths., than jpe-;-d h~t one dq.· fo~~ ThlS·perempto- us,. PI'!'"' dzem UnN'flll · · J.lie banc tJitam deggre 1:· l