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rie paffage would bee holden a frrange P.aradoxe from the mouth of any moderne Miniffer, and (O'appeares to the carnall apprehenfion of all thofe miferable men, , who are blind-folded and bafHed_by the Devill to the I ete!nallloile of their fcmles. But might be made good many other waycs, it is more than ma~ .nifd:t (by compar~ng tb~t three-fol~fiing, that dogges, every ftnfull delight at the heeles,,&c. See my Booke .of Walkjng with Goq1 pag. 171. with the comfortable contentment; and.fecret fweetneffe,. which might and Jbould f!ttend a~l well-doing, _and every holy dutie dene with UPJ;igqtqdle of. ·heart.. .Thev.ery Philofo- -phers do~1:ell us of acongratulation, a pleafing comer:- tedneffe an}'i fatisfaction in doing vertuou!ly accor· I ding to their morall Rules. What true, folid, and fingular corpfort then, doe you -thinke may'be found, in .thofe godly a a ions, which fpring from faith, are guid,ed-byJJOds.Word, directed to h~s gl~ry, and whofe bcwayled defects and failings aremo£1: cer.tainely par· doned by the bloud o£ His Sonne? Now what an extreme ·madnc:n<: is this, for a Man to fell Bis falvation for a life 9f pleafures : abhqrring the wa'yes of Gods Childc, as too.prec:,Ue, and pa~netull : : ~li~r~~s befides Hell ·for "the one, and Heaven for the other hereafter : in the m,eane time every day fj>ent 1o'fenfually,is a true Pur.f.a~ory- : .An~ every day patTed 'in the _contrarie Chd!han courle, IS ~P ~~~t~ly 'Parlfd,P. ) . ~ r l )•