Bolton - HP BJ1278 .C66 B6 1640

Patt. 1. Cap. I o. Ajfli[fed (onftiences. 6! makt it a common 1lurying plate of the !ewes : But the Lord .A/might}, t.he God of Ifraelfmote himwith an incurable, and invifible plague : for M foone M hee hadjpok,sn thefe words,a patne of the bowels that 'WM remeiiileJJe came upon him, and fore torment! of the inner parts.-------Sr; that the 'Wormes rofe up out of the body of thu wicktdman, and whiles he lived in forr'w and p~tine, hu fle/h fe!lttway , and the fllthinej[e of hu [melt wa~ noyjome to all hit army. . Herod in the height of his hatred againfi the Gofpell, A& n. ~J· . and pride in irnprifoning and pedecutmg the Apofl:les, was eaten up of a moll: fearefull prodigious . manner. Gar.diner gaping for newes ofthe diipat_ch of there two bleifed Martyrs of lefUJ, Latimer and Ridley, at Oxford deferred his dinner untill three or foure of - the clocke at aH:ernoone, delighting more in drinking the bl<?ud of the Saints, than in his .ordinary foc.d. :But upon the returne ~ of his Pofr,. Hee fell merrily to ~1is meat : And marke what followed : ·The bloNd.y, Tyr..ant, faith the fiory, had not eaten a few bits, /Jut thefHdden fir~ of God, Ru terrible hand fe/lu;mi him in {uchfort ,.. ACls and Moo&tllle• 6U immediately he wiU tak!~J from the tahle,and fo llrought ,pag. 1787. to hu lied, where he continuedthe fPace of fifteene daJ-es ,jn_ foch intolerable anguifo and torments, .that all that meaf!fl while~ during thofe fifteene dayes, bee couldnot avojd 6y ~rder of zirine or otherwifl, any thing that hee re(tived: WherehJ hu hody lleit.1g mifor~tii(J inflamedwithin(who had infiamea fo many gooJ Marf)rt before) WM br1ught to a -wretched ena. For further tnlargement pf this Point~ looke into.the Stories of the Primitive Church, AEIJ" and . Monument!, T.hel}ttrof Goj{sjudge?f!mtl• . j ; I "'.·. .. Ca A P. '· ' '