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lvftrHaionJ Jor 11 right comforting Sett. :1, -s. Extrcamc·horrors -~. · They·are hunted·many ti~~ with furi~ -ofcon~ fcne oft. 'imcs .upon fcience, and extreame horror even in this life. p afonr fuch • • put bleffedJere'f]i~ in th~fiockes; but ~her~upc<m,He lcrc_!Jl• iO h 3 ·had a new name gtven Hun, UUagor-Mijfabtb : Feare ' · round about ..: He became· a terrour to 1-iimfe!fo, and to ~t!l hi! friends. Zedechiah fmote faithfull Utfichaiah upon the face; but afterward according to that'Propheticall C<>mmination, Hee was faine to runne from Chllfi'Jher to Chamher, to hide himflfje. John Baptifls head_, which Herod cut off, fatein the eye of theTyrants ·confcience, with fuch gri.elly formeS of guilti- ·ne!fe, and bioud; · ·that when hee heard of the great things done by Chrift ,he was perplexed, and no doubt afraid, that ,John Baptift was rifen from the dead to be revenged upon Him. I have heard of aMan, who for .a ~ime di~ ~urioully, atid ~dpez:atdY. fet Him{el~eagamfl: aMtmfl:er of God; labour d mtght,and mame, by all meanes to difgrace.,and vexe him ; both by power,and policy; by fland.ers, oppreffions,malice,con.. tempt. But at length, the Word fo got within Him, and hamper'd Him; andtheterrours of the Almigh-. tie tobke h0ld upon him with fuch unrefifiable rage ; that he came trembling and quaking unto that man of God, whom he had fo wickedlywrong.,d ; and durfl: not fieere afoot from him ; for feare the Devill 111ould take him·away aliv·e; or the earth-ripen her n'iOllth,and .fwa:llow him up quicke ; or fome other firange remarkable judgement feize upon Him fuddenly, andbrand Wim for a notorious Beafi, and curfed Cal.l:-away. So ot !to fuch renfe he fpoke. . . . . ' 3 • The ends; of fu,h ) 3 ~ Ma.ny of themcome ·to very horrible, exemplaare many ti1nc' fcart:-·,fy, and wofull ends. Pharaoh long·fince, by a dread- · fwll. full confU!ion a-t the Red-fea was as it were hanged up in chains, · -a fpetlacle of terror for Perfecutors, to all pofl:erity. Antioch;u [welling :with anger,and hreathing ·out .fire in hu r~{e againft the people of C o D, did pr,oudly protefi, that Hee ·:wouldcome ro Ierufalem, and · · , " "mak§ ~ _Machab.,.