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' Part. I. Cap. 1 t • ~ffliCled C onftienrer. 63 -· ___________________ _;___, · feized up9n with their i~recov~rable ruine; and fall amongfl: the ·firers of their malice, and arch Perfecu.. tors of all profeffuurs, the fiends of Hell. This is my mea1~in~ : This .pdtilent and cryi~g fim~e of perfe~ution IS hke the gulfe of drunkenneffe, whtch Auguftme colnpares to the Pitt of Hell, into .which, when a mai1 is once fallen; there is no redemption or retur·ne. A Perfecutor is rarely or never reclaimed : either by miracle or Minifl:ry; mercy,or mifery. Ere &om Hea- -f.. ven falling upon the firO: Captaine andhis ftftie, did not fright the lecond C aptaine andhis fifty from preffing rtponE/ijahtoapprehend him, 2 Kinr. I. 10, u. The fimldiers who came to rake Jd1!14, as foone as Hee .had faid, I am He, were ftrangely upon the fudden,. Jlrooke down\! to the ground, John x8.6. and yet this- ,miracle did n:ever a whit mollifie, and abate the ma~ lice of the Pridf.r and Pharifen againG: him~ N()t even the Minif\:ry of Chrift himte!re, though Hee (pob.,t tU Never man fpak.§ ; not that of Stephen, · whofe face appeared to His Hearers, ~U it had heene the F ~tee of an .Angel!; .not that of the Apo.ft!eJ frefhly filled with the Holy_ Ghoft from Heaven~ did· at all dif-enrage or tame .thofe fellows, which were poffefl: with this foule fpirit of fcornfull contr-adid:ion. See Luk·4· ~8. 29. And 16. 14. AfJ. 7· 54· And 2. I 3. Not afl thofe horrible miraculous plagues of~ npt, were able to quench p haraohs fury agatnfl: the people ofGod; .until! heewas. choakt in the red Sea. No kindeneffi! from David~ though extraordinary, ·and matchlelfe, I Sam. 24. n. Anc{ ·z6, 9. could turne Sau!s heart from huntin.g him, M whe.n one doth hunt a Partridge in the mountainet. ·And no marvell, tho they be not moved by aU or any of thefe meanes ; for they 1corne, perfecute1" and con... temne the very meanes which lhould amend them, and the onely men, who 1bould convert them•.Whe• ther of the two, thinke you, is likelier to recover? That man, who being dangeroufly ficke; yet: en.tertaynes