Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

O: R, The Do o - ~·r and Do w ·N I<' A L B of · ·the 11ru,itlefl Projfjjor. . . Luk~ xiiL Verfes 6';. 7, . 8, 9: ./1 ce~tain. Man had a Fig~n·ee Jlanted i?J his Vineyard, and be cam~· and JouglfJ. Fruit tther.eon, and found none. ' '!'ben fa id be unto the D.rejftr oj hir Pine· · )'ani, Behold, tixfo three Years I comefteking l -?ruit on· this Fig-.tree, ancJ..fi1id ne. ne : . Cut it down, . ~u.)hy cumbreth it the · Ground. · And be a7~{wering, ]aid! unto him,. Lord, . let it alone thzs Year alfo, unlit I jhdllz' dig about it, and dung it : . ' /:lnd if it bear Fruit, well : · And if not~ .. then after ·th'at thou jbalt cut it down•. AT the Beginning of this · Chap-·· . ter, we read, how fbp-1e of t}le· · Jews came to J-efljs Chrijl, to tell himt ,. A 5· ~ . - oil