Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-free. · 109 yea, . and Hell follows with him to the Bed-fide, and both ftare this Profeffor in the Face, yea, begin to lay Hands . upon him ; one fmiting hin1 wi_th Pains. in his Body, with Head-ach, Heart· ach, Back-ach; Shortnefs · of Breath, Fainting ~alms, 1 · rembling 9f the Join-ts, Stopping at the Cheft, and . al.: n1ofl all the Symptoms ·of a Man ·paft ·all .Recovery. Now whil'e D~th is thus Eormeriting the Body, !-Jell is ·doing with the :Mind and Confc.ieqce,. fl:riking them with its Pains, caiHn·g Sparks of 'Fire in thither, wounding, , with Sorrows and Fears of everlafiing _Damnation,. the Spirit of this poor Creature: And now he begins to be.- . think himfelf, and . to cry to God for l\1ercy, Lord, /pare me: ·Lord, . fpare . me. · Nay, faith God~ You have been , a Provocation to: me theft 'J:bree Years :. How many times hav.e you di:fap-: pointed me ? How many Seafor:1s have you , fp<:nt in v,ain ? How tnany Sern1ons, and other Merc1es did I of my Patienc-e 3:flord you ? But all to no Purpofe at 'all. · 'Take hi11.z, Deatb. 0 io9d Lord! faith the Sinner, fpare .. me