Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

·~1he Barren Fig-Tree. n1e but this -once. Raife me but this ~nee~ Ind~ed, I have , been a barren Profeffor, ·and have ftood to no Pur- - p.ote at alfirl thy Viney.a~d: ":But fpare! . 0 fpare, t1is ojie :time,_ 'I ~efeech thee, and I will be berter. J1way, ' away, _ you wi-ll not. I have tr~ed you t.befe .. :three Tears'~ already, you are nought; if I JhouJcd .recover you · again, you . would -.be as bad as you was before -' · (and , ·all this T:1lk ·'is while -Death .f!:p. 'nds by.} Th~ Sinner cries ~gain, ;\ ·;Good Lorq,, try me this -once, : let me get up· igaih this once, and fee · if I do not me;1d : ~ Yes, . indeed., Lord, and ·vow i-t. too ; I will never be fo bad aga,~n, ~ ·will . be better~ · vVeH, faith · •1 God, Death, let this Pr0f~ffor alone. for this . 'rime. I ~ill try "him. a while· ,longer .; he hath promifed, \,he hath voW;ed that he wi.ll -·ame;nd his Ways.. It may , be· he will min_Q to keep . his j .Promiies. - Vows are 1olemn Things ;. .it may be . he . ·may fear to. ·break his _Vows . Arife f.rpm off' thy Bed ;. ·and 11ow Gpd · lay$. dcw1~ ~ his .Ax;~. · At this t.he . ~poor · <;,reature' is · vety tl1ankful~. prai[es · God;_· · ·and. fawnS. · upon hirn,, · !hews.