Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

arren tg• ree. 1, J ,I fl1ew~ as if he ,i9 . it. hea rdi y ~ and ca~Is to others to thank him too. He . therefore rifeth, a~ one would think, · to be · a New Creature indeed. But by · that he hath -PL1t on his Cl oaths, ' is. come down . fro'm his · Bed~ an'd ventu.red into the Yard, or Shop, · and there fees how ' all T ·hings are ·gone to Sixes and Sevei;s, h,e begins to . have fecond I'houghts_, and ftys 'to his Folks~ 1 What have you aH been doing? 'How are all Things out of O rder ? I am I cannot tell what · behi nd ~ hand ; one may , fee ·if a .-I\1an · b~ ..but · a little a , to-fide, yo'u ha~e neither 'Wifdom no~:" Prudence to .order Tihings: And now,, · inHead ·of feeking: : to fpend the reft of his Time to<_,_God, he doubleth his Diligence after this, WorJd. 'Alas! all muft not be.· loft, We 01Uft ,hav~ a provident Care : And thus quite forgetting the Sor rows of Death, the Pains of ·t-lell, the Promifes a~nd Vows which · he made to .God to be better ; becaufe J udgmen~ . was not (now) fpeedify exect,lted, therefore the Heart of this poor Creature 1s 'fully ' {et in ,him to do Ev il .. ' \