Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

1 1 :1 The Barren Fig- :free. Thefe l'hings -proving ineffethi~}, God takes; hold of his Axe ag~in~ , fends Death · to a Vvife, to· a Child, to his Cattle, (1ou.r Young Men . have I }Jai1z, and taken aw_ay _your Horfts) . (c). 1 will blaft him, crofs him~ dif1ppoint· . him, -and .,.caft . hitn down, and will fet myfelf againft hin1, in ail that he pu,tteth .-his H(tnd unto. At this the poor barren Profelfor cries out aga-in~ · Lord~ . I .have finned, fpare me once. more, I ~efeech thee: 0 take not away the Diji._re af mine EJes, fpare my Children, -blefJ. me in tny . Labours , ·~ and 1 wiH ·mend; and be better. ·_No, faith God, you decei_yed. tne }aft Time, I will truft you tn t his . nQ longer ;. and .withal he tun1bleth tbe Wife, the ' ~hild~_ the Eftate, into a Grave.;,· and then returns to his Place, till ~his ProfeiTor· more unfeignedJy acknow.t~dg~ his Offence {d) .. c • - , • _ At this the-poo.r Cre~ture is affiiCl:- ed and diftreffed, rents his Cloaths, and begins,_ to call the~ b:r.~ing his P-rO;- . . m~ (c) Amos.iv. 9, 10:. lJl Hofea v. 14, L,S:~ r