Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

' The Barren Fig-'rree. . i IJ mife and V f.!WS t~ ·mind (e), he mourns and <prays., and - like Aha.,h, a while U'alks fojtly, at the Remembrance of the J ~cJfrice of t~e fl and . of God up· on him. And now he renews his Pron1ifes, Lord, try tne this one _ 'l'ime -, mr;re, take o.ff thy Hand . and fee~ ' '!'hey g(} far that . 11roer . turn , Well, God .fpar.eth hin1 again, fets down his Axe again: ( lvlanJ 'I'ime{ he did deli- 'tZ'r ~ th.etn, but they 'provoked him witb their .Counfels, and 'lJ.!.ere brought lou,• for . their Iniquities) 1 (/ ). Now the.y fee1n t9 be thankful again, and are . as if they were refolved ~.to be Godly in- \ deed. Now they Read, th~y Pray, they go to Meetings, and feem to be fe-rious a pretty while, bt}t a't laft they forget. Their Luih prick them, fuitable 1~emptations prefent themfelves : wherefore they turn to their own crooked Ways again. When he flew them, then tbey fought him, and retur11ed early after God, ne-~erthelefs they did flatter him with their Mouth, ana lyed. unto him 'idth their Tongue (g). 4· Yet (e} 1 Kings :xxi. 27. (/) Pfal. .cvt 43,• {~) Pfal. lxxviii. 34, 36. ·