Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

_The Barren Flg-1ree. I 15 h.im (i), but bringeth ,not.forth Frui! meet f or him, c/vJpofe Gofpel it is ; takes no · l!eed to walk in the Law of the Lord God of lfniel, 1.oith all his Heart (k); but counteth that ·_the Gofpel confiH:- eth jn l'alk and Shew, and that our· Obedience, theq:to is a: ~/latter of Spe~ · cidation ; ·.that good Works lie in good Words, and if they can finely talk, ' they think they bravely pleafe GocL They think the Kingdon1 of Gcid con- . fifteth only in Word~ not in Power: And thus proveth ineffectual this 4th Means alfo. 5· Well, .·Now the Axe begins to be heaved .higher, for now . indeed Godr is ready to (mite the Sinner ; yet before he will ftrike the Stroke, he will try {)ne Way more at the Iaft, and i( that miffeth, t/r;wn gdes the fig -tree. Now this larl vVay is to tug, and frrive with this ·Pr..ofdfor by his Spiri ·t. Vvherefore the Spirit of the ,Lord is now come to him: But not, always (i) Heb . vi. 3---7, 8. (k) 2 'Kings x. 31. · · , to