Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

·\ The Barr~n ·Fig-:Tree~ t 11 and ']ude, and · 'John pronounceth the heavy J uqgmer1t of God. Pet~r and ']ude cpuple th~m with the · Fallen , Angels (x) ; _and 'John_ fo rbids that Prayer be made fo'r them, becaufe that is happened to them, that happened to the Angels that fell: Who for forfaking their- fir.ft State, . and for leaving their own .Habita;,ion, are rejerved · in Chain$ under everla·Jiing Darknifs, unto the Judgment ·of the fireat Day. Barreit Fig-tree, Doft · t~ou , h~':tr ? ' Firjl, Thefe are beyond all Mercy~-- . , ~ . Secondly, Thefe are beyond all Pron1ifes. .. · . 'Thirdly, Thefe are f?eyond ali Hope~ of Repenta1nce. _' .. · " -. Fourthly, The~e have no Interce!for, nor any more Share in a Sacrifice tor Sin . .) , Fifthly,