Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fi~-1ree 12.;. way. Thefe 1 \.Jen on y, bave the Spi· rit of Slumber, Eyes, tbat they. Jho.uld not fte, and Ears, that they Jhould not hear to this ,.~·ery pay ( y) I 'IV h ~ 1:e-. · fore, as the~v 'gq to th~ Place of the Holy. , fo they c,ome from the flact . of tbe Holyf and foon .are forgotten in .the Places where they fo did (z). Only they reap thiS.- Damage, They · treafure up Wrat~ agai;zfl the Day of Wrath, and Revelation of £be righteous· Judgment of God (a). Look to it, barren Profeffor. · .. ~·. If he be. vifited after the corn-·. mon Way of Mankind, either witlt Sic knefs, Diftrefs, or any kind of Ca.... lamity, ftill no God appeareth, . n(} . fanClifying Hand of God, no . fpecial Mercy is mixed \vith. I the Afllicti(m.- · But he falls fick, a:1d grows well·, likl! the Beafl ; or is under Diftrefs, 'as Saul, who, when he was eng~ged by tne Philiftines, was forfaken and left of God. And . th1 Philiftines. gathered· th~mfelveJ F 2 together, (y) Ram. xi. 8 ~ g, IQ • . (~) Ecclef. · viii . 1 o. - (it) Rom. ii. 3, f, S·