Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

·I :14 The /Barren Ftg-Tree.' _together, and came. and pitcbed in . Shu~ ... nem ; and· Saul gatbeted all Ifr:tel to· gether, and theypitched iri Gilbo'a.; And when Saul fqw the Hofl of the . Phili-. ftjnes, he was afraid, and his Heart , great[y trembled. ·-And wh~n Sau-1 enquired of the ,Lord, tbe Lord anfwercd him ·no more, neither ~y JJ.reams, nor by U rim, nor by Prophets (b). The Lord anfwered him no more. He had done with hin1, caft him, off, and. rejected . him, and left him to frand and tall with his Sins by himfe.lf. But . of this more in the Conclufion, therefore I here forb~~ . . " 4· Thefe Men may go whither t}Jey will, do what t,hey will ; they may range from Opinion to ()pinion, from ,_. Notioti. .,to Notion, from Sea to Sett, but are ftedfafl .n~ where ; they a,re left , to their · owrr· ·tl~tertainties' : They have no Grace to eftabliili their Hearts ; arid though fome of them hJ ve boa£1:- .td themfelves of this I...iberty, yet Jude .calls thern ~andering Stars, to whom is reftrved Ch) 1 Sam. xxviii . .._, 5~ 6.