Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren , ~ig~rree. 1 'l.) r;ferved the Blackn~fs of Darknefs for ever (c). They are left, as I told you before, to ' be Fugitivei and Vagabonds in_. the Earth, to wander every where, but to abide no where, until they fl1all , defcend to their own Place, with , Cain I and 7udas r d , l\1en of the fi.1me Fate with· themfel ~es. - 1 A Third SIGN. I .JI"'f ... ' '. , Tbirdly, Another Sign, that fuch a Profefior is quite paft Grac.e, 1s, when . his Heart is grown fo hard; fq ftony and impenetrable, that noth.i·ng will - p ierce it. Barren Fig--tree, Dolt. th.,Oq confider ? A hard and irrl'penitent Hea-rt is the Curfe of God (e). A Heart that cannot re pent, is inftead of all Plagues 2. t once : And hence it is~ that God faid of £haroah, · when he fpake .of delivering • him up in · the Greatnefs of his Anger, I will at this ' :time, fc1ith he, ·fend all my Plagues upon thy Heart (f). 1 '(c) Jude I 3· (e) R0m. l.i. 5· (d) Aas i. :;. (f) Exod. ix. 14. To