Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The lJarren Fig-rree. , .To fome Men that have grievoufiy finned under a ProfdEon .of the Go~ fpeJ, GoLd giveth this Teken of his Difpleafure ; : they are denitd the Power , of""itepentance ; their ..Heart is bound,' they cannot repent _: · It is i1npoffible that they fhould ever repent, fhould they live a q'houfand Years : It is i?n- , prf/ible for thofe F all-aways ' to be renew. ed again unto Repenfance, feeing ·they cru. nfy to th.emfelves the Son of God afrejh, tind put him, to open Sh,ante (g)., Now,•.. to · have the Heart {o hardened, fo ju- . l)icially hardened) this i'S as a Bar put in by the L0rd God, againft the Sal~ V:Jtion of this Sinner. This was the Burden of Sj)ira's Complaint, 1 cannot do it: · Oh now I cannot t/o it! · This Man fees what he hath don~, wh~t tbould help 'him, and ~hat will become of him, and yet he cannot repent ,(h): He pulled away his Shoulder brfore, he ftopped his Ears before, he Jh~t up his Eyes before, and in that , very , (.~) Heh. vi, 4, !j,, 6. (b) ~ech. vii. {~~ t3, •4· - I