Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

134 The -B,1rrerJ Fig-r'ree. ·But who are they that rnuft be thus feared? Why, . thofe an1ong Profeffors, that have 'chofen their own Ways; . thoft whofe Soul delighteth in their Abominations. \{ _,.. · V • /I ! Becaz{e tJJJj ' received not the Love of tb: 'l'r.~~ . \~ that they might be.jave4 : For I th t.'s L~t$.1 ~: , r God ' jhall fend .them ft rong Del~'}icns, tha't ihey jhould bdie~e a Lye'; - that they all might be damned, who be- , lieved not the 'l'ruth, but bad Pleafttre ~ in Unrighteoiy7zeft. · 'God jl.,;tft fond them: It is a great W"ord : Yea, God jhall fend them.flrong Delujions: Delufions ihat fhall do, · that 1hall make them believe :Z Lye. Why ·· fo, '!hat they all mig,bt b~. damned, every one of them thdt believe not the c_trui.:r., bJUt had Pleafure in Unrigbteoufnefs (b.) · 1 There is . no thing more· provokinf) to the Lord, than for,._ a Man to promife when God thr!3a tilefl ; for a 1\dan to be ljght or Conceierhat Pte fhall 1x~· faf~ , an~1 yet to be n~ore w 1 ked than~ :w (h/ z Theif. ii.' 10~ x r 11 1 z.