Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-rree'! 1 3.5 in former Days: This Man's Soul ab- -horreth the Truth of God ; no ma~ .. . vel therefore if God's Soul abhorreth '. . , I . him : He bath inven~ed 'a. Way con- . trary to God, to bring abnut his OW'l Salvation; no marvel there: ,Jfe, if God · invent a Way ·to bring about thi~ 1\Aan~s · Damnation : And feeing that d _- Re- . .·bds are at this 'Point, We foal! l a·iJe Peace ; G01d will fee whofe Word fhall (c) ftand, his . or.·theirs. · -A Fifth SIGN. Fifthly, Another Sign of a Man's · be· i ng paft G rar'', is, When he fl~all at .this fco-ff, and inwardl y grin, and' fret ':lf> inft the · Lord, fe cretly purpofing to continue his Courfe, and put all to the Ventu re, de fp ifing ' the Mdfenge rs ':P the L ord. H~ that' defpifed M.o[es's Law, died without" Mercy ; a 11d of how n.z.uch .forer Punijhment, jitppoft ye, ./h .1-ll l~e be thcught worthy, ·who bath tro den . !J.ndQr Foot the Son of God, &c. (d). · w -here1 1 • ' • 1 (c} Jer. xl1v. 26, 27, 28. . (d) H~b, x. z 8~ ' - I ' • 1