Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

136 The J!arren Fig-tree. Wherefore, againft_ thefe Defpifers Ged bath Jet himje£f, and. foretold, that they Jhall not believe, but peri!h. Behold, ye D~fj) ifers , and 'tvcnder, and perijh ; for f work a Work in your Days, , whic_h ye jhall in no 'Wife believe, though a AIJan declare it unto . you (e). After that thou jb~~t t:ut it down~ Thus . far w.e have treated of the B~rren Fig (r~e, or fruitlefs Profeffor , with fome Signs to· know him by ; where ; J is added alfo fome Signs of · one who· neither will or can, ' by any Mean~, be fruitful ; but they muft mi,- flr-ably perifh. Now I being'· come. to the Time of Execution, · 1 !hall fpeak a Word to that alfo : · After thpt thou jhalt cut it down. · Chritt at laft turns the Barren Fig-tree. over to the J uH:ice of God, fhakes his Hands of him, and gives him up to the Fire for .Us Un• prbfttablenefi. vl ,Acts xiii 41~