Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The · B~rren Fig-Cfree. 137 _ Thou jbalt cut it down. Twd .Things . are here to be confidered. 1. The Executioner, ~hou, the Great, the Dreadful, the Eternal God. The!e ¥lords t herefore, as _ I have already faid, fignify that Chtift the Mediator, through whotn alone .Salvation 'came, ~nd by whom alone Execution hath been' defe rr,ed, ]\low giveth up the Sriul, for be' ars to fpeak one Syllable n1ore for him, or to do the leaft Acl . of Grace further, to try for his Recovery ; btit ·ddi ve reth him ,up to tbat fearful Difpenf<Hi0n~ Cf'o f all into the Hand ·oj the Livin~~ God (f). · · . . \ l · 2. The Second to be ·confidered, i3,· The InjfrurlfeJzt by 1..vhirh the Execution is done, and d1a t is Death, compared here to an A xe ; 1 ahd for as much as the . Tree is no t fellen at one Blow, therefore the Strokes are ~'lere contin'ued ~ 'till (/) Heb. x. 3 I ~ ·