Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

I 3 8 'The Barren Fig-r'ree. · till all the Blows be ft nick at it that - . are requi'f1 te for its Felling : For ' now Cutting T imr, and C14 tting W ork is -. ; ,, come, Cutting muft be . its Portion, · ' till it be cut , down. .After that thou /halt cut it dcwn : Death, I fi1 v, is the Axe., yvhich God often ufeth , tllerew ith . - to take the Barren · Fig-tree out ot the Vi'neyard, out of a Protdiion, and tY[(o out of the fVorld at once. But ' thi! A.>Jc is now new- ground, it cometh welledged to the Roots of this , Barren } 'igtree. It hath b een whe~ted by s·n, by the Law, . and by a jortnal . Profeffion (g), and therefore rnuft, and will make deep Gafhes, not only .in the natural l~ife, ~ · but in t.he' Heart 'and Confcience alfo of this ProfeJfor. "the Wages ~f Sin is Deq.th , the Sting of Death · is Sin (h). · Wh~refore_ Death ' comes not ' to this I.\t1an as he cloth to Saints, muzzled, or withont Qis Sting, but with open Mouth , in all L1 is Strengtli ; yea, he fends his 1-~'i;jt-born, wh1ch is Guilt, to' devour his Strength, and to bring him tq the J(ing of 'l'~rrors (i). .But {g) Rom. v. (b) 1 Cor. xv. (~)Job xviii. 13, I+