Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The .Barren Fig-rree. 1.39 / / But to give you, in a few Particttlars, the Manner of this Man's dying. I I. Now l1e hath his fruitlefs Fruits .beleaguer him . round his Bed, toge· ther ,with all the Bands and Legions .of his .other Wickednefs. His own Iniquities jhall take 'the · U7icked bimfelf, a.nd ~ · be jhall b·e holden in the Cords· of his Sins~ Prov. v. . 22. ·, 2. ,~ow fome terrible Difcovery of God is , made out ·unto him, to the perplexing and . terrifying of his guilty ' Confcience, God Jhall cajt upon him, and not fpare, and he /hall be afraid of that 't-vhich is high (k). 3· r The dark Entry he is -' to go through, will be a fore Amazement to him ; for -Fear jhall be in the Way (l), yea, . Terrors will take hold on him, when he fhall fee the yawning Jaws qf Death to gape upon him, and the · (k) Job xxvii. 22. (I) Ecclef. xii. 5. · Doors