Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

· 1 49 The &1rren Fig-7ree. Doors ·of the Shadow of Death open ~ (m), to give him Paffage out of the World. Now, who will meet me in this L~.t rk, ·Entry ? How fhall I pafs through this long Entry into another \V ofkl'? - , / . - · / 4. F~r the Reafon of Guilt, and a lhakch Confcience, '!l is Life will hang in continual Doubt before him, and he Jhalt be afraid Day and Ni1-.ht ( n), and. lhalf have no .Affurance ot his ·Life. / I 5. Now alfo Want will come up _againft him, he wiH come up like an armed ,Man (o). This is a terribleAr- ·, my to him that is Gracelefs in Heart, . and Fruitlefs in Life. 1'his Want will continually cry in thin'e··Ears, H ere is a. New Birth wantin5, a new Heart, apd a new Spirit wanting, here is Love and Repentance wanting; h.ere is 'Fear of G·od . wanting: and a good Conver- . fation wanting ; 'thcu art weigbed in th~ · Ballance, aud fouvd wanting' (p ). · , (m) Job xxxyiii 17. (~) l'r.ov. xxi v. 34· ' . 6. To... (n) Deu.t xxviii; 66, 6i "' (p) Dan. v. z.z.