Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

.r6 T ·he Ba!TefJ Pig-tree·. aHo r g J~ (Every Branch in me that bear-· cti~ not Fruit, hf tpket/6 awa;',) aifer t t he fame Thing. 'I11ere arc Branches in Chrift, in lhriit's Body Myftica}, . (which is his Church, pis. Vineyard) that . bearcth not Fruit,. wherefore the, •' Hand of God is to take them away.. · llfJoktd for Grapes, and it brought fo~th .. 'IJ;'tld Grap~s f h J; tha.t is, ne; Frtlit a~ all that ' was acceptable Wlt h God• .A gain, lfra-eJ is a11 e'mpty fi1Je, he bringeth forth Fruit unto bimfelf, [i] none to. God ; he is without Fruit to: G-od• .AU thcfe, w~th many tnbre, fhew us the 1 ' ruth of the Obfervation, and that God's Church may be cumbered with fr.uitlefs Fig-trees-,. w-ith barren Pr0!-- j1fors. Had a: [Fig~tree.]. Although there be in God's Church that be barren and fruitlef.~ ; . yer,. as I f:aid ,. to fl:e to iiJ Appectrfnue, they arc , like the r{$ft of the 'l 'rees, even a Fi~ .. tre-e: It was n~t an Oak, nor a 1-ViJiow, n0r a Tbor1J., nor a Bramble, bu.c a Figtree. : (i] J.ohn xv.. z. [b]rfa. ll. 4· (i}Hof. x. a.