Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The BarretJ Fig~ <free. J 7 tree. ~ [ k. J :fhey come before thee as the _P-eople cometh ; they delight to know my Way.r, as a Ncttion that did R.ighteouftJefs, and forfcok _ not the Ord1nances. of tJ:;ezr God; they ask ofme the Ordinczt;ces '. of Jujiice, the] take d~tig,ht i1J approach.;. i?Jg to God [I J ; and ) et but barren, fruitlefs, and unprofitable Profdlors. ·Judas al1o was one of the · 'I wehJe, a · Difople, an Aprjlle,. a Preacher, a6. Oj- _jicer, yea, and fuch an oric alfo, as none of the Elcrve1J miftrufted, but preferred beforethc mf~ lves, each <:?ne crying our, Is it I? Is 'it If f_1;~J N?ne of them as we read or, · mtftruibng .'fudas, yet he in Chrift'·s Eyes was the 'barre11 .1?Jg tree, a Devil., l fJ-j a !t*Li itici~ P'~ofcfi~r. T~e foolifu Virgins ·went forth of the V\7 orld vfith the other, h"ad Lamps, and Light, . and were awakenc:.d with the othet; yea, had Bo1dnefs to go 'fo.rth when the Midnig!1t Cry was n1ade with the other ; r and thought . that they could ·ha\'e look'ed Chritl: in the lilace, wheh he .fat [l] · E~ :: k . xxxiii. 30, 31. j , ·~ - [111] Ma1k ,xiv, tC) •• [I] Jfa. ivjii I, 2,., [''J Jo~n vi. jO.