Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

J S The ·"Barren Ftg-r'ree. fit upon the Throne of Judgment, with tb~ otht.r ; and J'et but .foolifh, but b(Jrrlu Fig-trees, but fruitlefs Profe!fors : f oJ Many, faith Chrift, _wilt faJ' .tudo ms i11 that Day, this an4 that, [P 1 and will alfo talk of many wonderBtl \Vorks; yet, behold, he fix:ds norhing in them but- the' Iiruits of ' Unrighteoufnefs : 1~hey were altogether oarrcn and fruitkfs Profeifor~. · Had a Fig ~ trce [planted] This vVord f plcz;zted]doth alfo reach , far: 1t fuprofeth one taken out of its natur,ll Soil) or removed. from the Place it gr~v: in once; -one thlt-fcetned to' 1 be called, awaliened ; and not onty fo, but by flrdng Hand carried from the World, to the Church ; ft:om Nature, to Grace; from -Si11, to Godli;"': nefs. Thott broughtefl a Vi11e 'out of Egypt, tb~u did)} caji out the Heathen avd pltttit it [q J Of iome ~f the Brat1c.:h c: s vf r. h-is Vine we re there unfrnitful Profeifor~. / · , It [111 Matt. vii. zz . z3 fp} Lu~exiii z6, ,l] . [q ~ Pfalr;l hxx. -8.