Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fi._~-Trep. 1 9 It muft be concluded therefore, 1~ hat this Profdlor (that temaineth notwithfb.uiding fruitlefs) is, as to the View and Judgment of the Church, rightly brOvlght in thither; tO wit, bv CoDfdiiot1 of Fdth, of Sin, tlmi tJ · Shew of RepentatlfC and Regenera don, · (·thus talfe Brethren creep in un·awares.) All thcfc Thing.s this \Vor<) f ltJnted, 'intin1ateth ; yea, farther, th,tt the · Chur~h is fatisfied with therrt, cpnfcnt~.1 thcy fh uld abide in the Garden, and counterh them fcund as the rdl:. B.. t before GoJ, in the Sight of God, · they are gracclefS flrofdiors, b{Jtrl!n a11d fruit ltf'J 1< ig-trees. 1'herctore it is one Thing to be LV. the Church, er in a Profdfion ; and anothe-r to be OF the Chttrcb [.r ], aq.d to belong to that KingJqrri_, r.hat is prepared ior the Saint, that is · fo indeed. Otherwifc, bti11g planted jht~IJ it profpcr, jhcr ll it tJOt ut1 tt:rly 'lJ.I'Jther, wben the E6tj/•fFiJJd touchet/;J it ? 1t jha/J witber i11 the Furrows ,,,_,h,·re it grt,w.