Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

~o The Btrrren FJg-Tree. Hat/aFig...trce platJted in [his J Vine;•ard. In [his J Vineyard. !:I ypo:::ri tcs, . with _rutttn Hearts, .;re not afraid to com~ !:1eforc God in Sion. · 'fhcf~ Wot~ds therct:)re fuggeff unto us a prodigious kind of Boldnc·fs and 1Hrdcn-::d Fearkfsncfs. . F'or what Prefum13tion higher, ai_ld what Attempt more_ de; ... fperate, than for a J\1an that \Vanteth Grace:, .and the true . Knowledge , of God, to croud himfelf (in that Con· di tion) into the Houfe, ()r Church of God ; or' to make Profd1ion of, and , deflre th,e N atne of God 1hould be cnlled up()I1 i1im ! ' For the Man that maketh a Prof2f.:. fion of the R.cligion of Jefus Chrift,., that Man hath ~ it were, p;~t the,Name· of God itpo1J hiinfelf [ s ], and is called and reckoned now, (how fruitlcfs foever betore God, or · .tv1en) the Iv1an - that bath to do with (iod, the lv1an that God O'Nneth, and will ftand for. 'Ihis 1v1an, I fay, by his Profeflion · · · fu,:r .. . 0 ~ [.r ] Dan. .ix. ro Cha? . x,xxV.-i Z'"\ ZJ, 2z·. and i i 3 )·