Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

!l z The Barren Fig-Tree. _ [Had] rJ Fig-tree plante~ in his VitJe)'ard. • He doth n@t fay, . He pla11ted a Figtree, qut there was a Fig-t-ree there, he had, or foutJd, a fig--tree planted in hia . Vineyard. r The Gr~at God will not acknowledge the barren Fig -tree, - or barren Protei;for to be his Workman!hip, or a Tree of Eis bringing _ in ; only the qCxt faith, he had one thcr'c. T'his is much like that in Matthew, EverJ' P lat1t which my Heavenly l!atl}er bath 1101 planter/, Jball.be rooted ttp [a]. Here again arc Plants in his Vineya-rd, whicb. God will not acknowledge to be of his pl:iinting: And· h.: feems to fug- ' geft, that in his Vineyard thcr·e are many fuch- Every Ptant, or all thofc .Plants, or Profdlors that are got into the Affembly of the Saints, or into the Profdlion of their Rcligion,wfthoat ; God and his Grace, jball be rooted up. .AtJd u;hen the King came it; to ·fee the G_uejts, he fa'i.v a Mail that had not ON a Hf.ddi11g-gtJrmtnt; a11d he jf1id ttnto him, r-;,. ,1. . "'- rtenu, [a] M~tt. XV I 3·