Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

~4 ~he Barren F-ig-1re!. and Glory of the Gofpel of our Lord J efus Chrift in his Head; and fo (hardy Wretch that he was) .be- prefumed to croud himfelf among the Children. But how is this refentcd· ( What faith _ the King of him ? Why t:his is. his Sign, The_fatJJe is a crbief t~nrJ a Robber. See ye here alfo~ if all they l)e owned as the Planting of God, that get into his Chprch, or 'lrofdlion of~· . ame_. , ,' Had a Fig-tree· Had one wit out a ,Wedding-garment, had a Thie in his 1 Garden, at his Wedding, in his Houfe. Thefe climbed up fotne other Way. There are matlJ. Ways to get isto the Church ~f God, and· Profeffion of his Name, befides, and without an. entririg by the Door . - ·. ,I. There is the vV ay of LJing and Di_ffi_mbJitJg, and at this Gap the Gibeonit1J- [d] got in. 2 • . There is fometime$, Falfltiejs amongil fome Paftors, either for the. Sake of carnal Relations, or the like ; at this Hole 'I'Qkiah [ e] the Enemy . of Ggd got in. · 3. -1 here is iometimes Negligente, ~nd too much · ,, Uncir- [dJ Jofhua ix. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7• 8, 9• (e] Neh" ~iii . ..f, 5· 6.