Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

~ -z6 The Barren Fig-rree. trees, thefe ~ barren Profeuors in the l-Ioufe, when all Men have d one what they -can : EvetJ as in a gt:e<t~ Houfe; . , ·1hete are rtways V effels to .TJifoe'f!R'!f.., as. well as thofe to Hono!Jr an(CGlqr.y,;· Veffcls of Wood ancd of .Earth,-t<iSJ ·¥/d1 as ·of Silver and .Gold : So· then . there · n1uft be ~ooden .... l't·ofc.ffors' ·hl "-the. Garden of God, there muil be e-arthy, .earJhetJ Profdfors in his V~neyard; bu't that me thinks is the bit·ing Word, and .f!Jme to j)ifoonottr. Tbat to the Rom.ans (1] is dreadful, but this fcetns ~to go 'beyon~ it : that fpeaks but o£' the Reprobate in general, but this of fuch in particular. '" Tbat fpeaks ·of... their hardening but in the common vVay; ·bat this, that they rnufl: be fuffcred to ~reep into the Church ; there to ~.:fit · 1:hen felves for their Place, their M.Vft Place '[m], the Place prepared fc r 'them of this Sort only. As. the Lord J efus fa id once ~)f the Pharifoes .,_ :Thefe · foal! receive greater D~m~1a-tio1) [u J. · · , B-ar-re1! Fig-tree, ·F ruttlefs l!rofdfor, Haft th~1U confidcrcfi th~t this. Fig-tr:e rs [1] Rom. ix. zi, zz. fm] Acls i. 25. xx. 4=7·