Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-Tree. 2 7 -is not acknowledged of G.od to be his, but is denied to be of his Planting, and of h1s bringing unto , his Wedding ? Daft tho!} not fee thou art called a ~hief and a Robber, that haft ei- · ther climbed up to, or crept in ·at an... other Place than the Door ? Doft tho;~ ~ot hear, there will he Jn God's Houfe wooden and earthly Profdfors; and that no Place will ferve to fit thofe for Hell, but the H0ufe, Church, the Vineyard· of Gqd! BarretJ Fig-tree, fruitlefs Chri- ~ian,, cloth not thine Ears. tingle? 1 4nd [He J came ~11d fo'ught Frttit thereon. When a Man hath got a Profeffion, and · is crouded into the Church and ~ Houfc of GGd, the Q9eftion is not 11ow, Hath he Lite, ha.th · he, right · Principles, but bath he Fruit? He came feeking Fruit thereon. It tnattereth not . who brougt'!t thee 'in hither, whether God or the Pevil, . or thine own vain~ glorious l{eart : Bt1-t hajl thott Fruit ? Doll thou bring forth Fruit unto God ? A.t;d let trvery one that 1'lameth the Na;,·,e of t~ Lord Jefus -Chrijf, dQpart front, I · B '- Ini-