Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

36 The Barre.n Fig,-1ree. . 'IJO Fritit ;_yea, though they bri11g fortl:J, · yet will I Jla)~ , erve1J the beloved fruit pj~ thetr Jfomb. 4 .. 'There is a Fruit that is wil~ I /(Joked fm· Grapes, and it brought forth 1.vild Grapes [m~ · I obfcrve, 'That , a~ there are Trees and Herbs that are whelty .right and noble, fit indeed for the Vineyarcl ; fo there are ,alio their SeJJzblance, but wild; ·not ri~ht, but ignoble. 'rhere is the Grape aod t:h~ Wild- , grape; the Vi;:e and the 1Yild-vine ;- rhe l(oje and thc....CatJktr-rofe; } 'lc"J-'ers anq JVzld flowers ·; the Apple and the P/ildapple, whid1 we calr;~t he Crab. Now Fruit from thcfe 'ZJ.:ild 'Things, how- . ever t>hey may pkafe the Children to play wi h, .yet the prade11t and grarve count them of little or no \i.alue. 1 ·· hcre are alfo 1n the World a Gener,l.-· tion of Profd.fors·j that notwi thftanding their , Protdllon are wild by Nature; yea, fttLh as w'ere never .cut otit, or (it,; frGm the ifild Olive-tree, nor never yet Flanred intQ the good Olive- ,, tree. -Now thefe / can .bring nothing cii:th but rPilct Olirve-berries, they cannot [m] Ifa~il v..4•