Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

, The Barren Fig-ire:. 3 7, not bring fo~th Fruit tt1z.to Gad. Such are all ·thofe that have lightly t aken up a Profdlion, and crept into the Vine~ . yard ·without a N cw-birth, and the BldliLJg . of Regeneration. · · . 5· rfhere is alfo undmely Fruit, ' Even as a Fig-tree cajeth her Ur:time~J'­ jigs f 11 J~ Fruit out of Seafon, and fo 1ip I-i'ruit to God's liking. rrhere a1:e Two Sorts o£ Proft;ifors fubj -a ' to bring forth untimely Fruit. L '1..,hey that bring forth (Fruit) too joo11. . :2. They !hat bring torth (Fruit) too late . . 1 irfl, They th~t bring forth t_oo foon. , · iFfht y are fuch as at pre[e11t receive the Word with Joy, and az1on qefore they .. 1 have l-\.oot downwards, they thruit d-op h upwards ; but having 110 Root, . , when the Su1J arifeth they are fmit·t~ll, , and mifcr~bly die wi-thout Fruit. rfhefe .Profcffors ·are tho(e light and inconfiderat.e Ones, that ' think nothi~g but Peace will attend t~e Gofpel ; and fo anon reioice at the·l Tiq~ngs, without foretceing fhe 'rroubl~ : Wherefore -when ~ [n] Re~. vi. 13,.