Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

3 8 . The Bc~rrtrJ Fig-1ree.4 when the 1,toub1e com.e~, being un.. anned, tHl.d i0 .not ab'le to ftanc;l any 1oHger, they die· ~ an~t are wit~ered, and bring forth no 1-'~ruit. l-Ie t/pat re- , ceiveth the Seed into flo11)' Places, thefame· is he that- heqreth the If ord, a1Jd atJ(}fJ with _V'o)' 1·eceiveth it, fet hath he no Ror~ in Lin~(el/~ b!~t duretb f ur a while ; jo'f ·when . T~ibttlation or Pe ~ficutioJJ arifeth, becaufe· fJj the fVord, by and. by t hty are ~ffettded L o_> 'I here is in lfaiah xxviii. mention made of forn'e, Uhofl gloriorts Beauty {halt be a fadilfg Flower, bccaufe it is Fruit. before Summer [p]. Both -· ·thdc are ut1timely Fruit. > StcbndlJ', T 'hey alfo bling fOTth untimely F'ruit, that Hay till the Seafon is over. · God will have his Fn~it in his Se:afon ·; I fay, he ·will receive the1n of fuch 1\1en as ih(ill render them to him in their· Scafons f qJ ; the !_niiling of ~he Seafon is dangerous; ftaying till the Door is fhqt t_r ;', is danger.ous . Many there be th~t ·come nor t'ill the Flood of God's Anger is raifed, and too deep . for them to J,vade through : Sure_!J', in ; the [o] Matt. xiii. z.:>. zr. [pJ Ifaiah xxviii. 4· [q] Matt. ;xxi. 41. [r] !bid xxv. 10, u.