Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

:fhe B_·arren Fig-'free. 3 9 the Floods of great Waters they jhall not come nigh unto him [s. J -E.fau's after- ~ward is fearful: For JC know, that aftcrwctrd, wben be· would haeve in i:Jerited .the tH1Ji11g 7 he czvaJ rejefied; f or k~ e f otuJd 110 Place of Repentance~ though he foug'ht it carefully with :Tettrs Lt J. · So the Children of .Ifrael, they brought to God the Fruits of Obedience too late; their Lo, we be /cere,. eamc ,too ,late; rheir rVe will go, up [t-t], . came too late. 'fhe Lord had 1worn 'before tbat tbey fbould not poffifl tbe ~and , [x J. A1l thefe are fuch ~-t8 bri ng forth tJ,ntimelj Fruit [yJ~ It is the harJ ,lflp · of the Reprobate to do all 'Things too late ~ z ~ ; ~ to be fcnfible of his want o£ ( Grace, too late [a]; t9 be fGrry f-or Sin, too late Lb j ; to feek R.. epentance, too late; to ask for .l\t1ercy, and to defir2 to go to Gl ory, too late. ' 1. · 'Thus you fec :that Fruit [mitten in the Cirowth, that ~·ithereth, and that COHleS DOt to J'v1aturity' is 110 lfttit f cJ•. . . 2.Thrt [.~] PfaL xxx iL. 6. ' [t] Heb. xii. 16, 17. [u] Nnnb. J<iv. 40, 41, +Z· [x] Ver. 21, zz, 23 . [y] Matt. xxv. 10. lhid xxvii. 3· [z.] Gen. iv. '3· 14;. [<t] Heb xii. I 7· [bJ Luke xiii. z5, z6~ 27. [ c J Ibid viii. q ..