Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

40 · Th.e Ba;~rfrl Fig-tree. ~ . .That hajfy Fruit, (uch as t4e Co111 c p OJ1 t'he Hottje-top r d I; withereth alfo · befo-re it growcth up [ e ~ , ,and is 110 ·Fruit. 5· T'hat the Fruit that is rvile Lf], and ill tajled, is no Frui't. ' 4· rfhat wiJd Fruit, Wild~ grapes [g], are no Fruit. 5; T·hat untirnely Fruit, fuch as comes · too foot;, 'or that comes too late, fuch as. " come not in their Seafon, are no 1ruit. I ' • A'.'d be· came a11d jougJ:.;t Fruit thereo/1, a)td found 111Jnc. · ) ' ' · N otbing will do but Fruit: }Je foe.ked for Grapes; ,when the :rJme of Jruit d1~ew 11ear, befetJt his Se"vants to the Husbandmen that they might receirve the· lrui~ of· it [h;. • I ~ucft_. But what Fruit deth. God .expect? .1111fw. Good Fruit. Every crree that· bringeth forth not good Fruit, is. herzvn dowrJ [i]. Now before the ·Fruit can. be good, the Tree muft be good; for good Fruits make no.t a good Tree;. but; [d] Pfal. .exxix. 6. ["] Jer. i;i. 4· r/J. Ifa. v. 4· f'.g} Hev.v!... fbll'vh~~xxi, 34· Ll Ib vii .. I~